The new competition "Pentathlon Pushups" by WSEF

Rules for Male and Female

Execution Men Contest

Age 16 to no limit

Correct Execution is made on a LED Panel large 0.5 Meter long and 0.5 Meter broad.
A white Line marks 72cm broad alongside the Athlete!
white LED on Panel.The Athlete executes correct on the Panel!

        1. Yellow LED Panel (2 times corrected)
        2. Orange  LED Panel ( 2 times corrected)
        3. Red LED Panel Disqualified

Correction is made by Personal. Referee. Can be overruled.
This are the Definitions of correction

        1. Swinging with body clearly
        2. Hanging with hip
        3. Bending up in the hip
        4. Pumping only with upper Body
        5. Not right angle
        6. Not stretched enough
        7. With Foot or Hand clear over the white line.

One Main Referee for Overrule
One Referee for each Competitors

Max in one row 10 Athletes
We can invite mac 120 Athletes
We need 10 Camcorder front for slowmotion Control


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