Hello to all Pushups Athletes


Many athletes in this world want to compete in push-ups. We at WSEF have years of experience with this form of competition. We have often failed with the rules of Guinness World Record. Nevertheless, we have achieved many world records over the time.
Unfortunately, there are always questionable decisions.
That's why we have set clear and fair rules. The WSEF calls all athletes worldwide to train with these requirements from now on.

You need a meter and a tape. 2 strips glued alongside with a spacing of 72cm
An 8cm high pad for normal pushups
A 15cm high pad for Knuckle pushups
A 30cm high base for diamonds

All competitors will be disqualified after three admonitions in the competition.


We wish you good luck with your training.

Send us your results for our world ranking.

Maybe we ask you for a short smartphone video or a photo of the training.


Your Trainings Space


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